Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pattern of Wounds, Roland March mystery series 2

Pattern of Wounds, Roland March mystery series 2, by J. Mark Bertand. Roland Summond to a crime scene where the murder of a young woman has taken place. As soon as he gets there Roland has a nagging feeling that he's seen this before. Something looks familiar? Then realizes that this case resembles a case he solved a while ago. Does he have a copycat? Or did they find the wrong person guilty for murder? As doubt and questions arise in Roland's abilities as a homicide detective, Roland is racing to find the real killer and rescue his reputation.
I read J. Mark Bertand's first novel in this series, back on murder, and it was just as great as this one! I hadn't thought much about it till I started reading and realizing that the characters sounded familiar. Then finally it clicked as to why! This is a great series and in fact I don't recommend just getting this book, but getting both books in the series and reading them! This book is an example of what I love about crime drama/thrillers from a Christian perspective. It is brilliantly written and I love the characters in this book. It is a must read!!

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