Monday, October 17, 2011

A Confident Heart

A Confident Heart, by Renee Swope. Every woman out there struggles at some point in their lives with confidence. Some manage to overcome it, others live with it for their entire lives! Renee Swope has taken on what seems like a mountainous task of teach woman who they are in Christ. To speak the truth to them about who they are. One part of the book in particular stuck out to me, that was on pg. 106. Where she's telling us the story of Adam and Eve hiding from God because they realized they were naked. Renee takes that verse where God asks them "who told you, that you were naked?" and changes it a little (in a good way) to say "who told you that something is wrong with you? Some one had made them feel that they were shameful, but it wasn't God who cast shame on them. Woman tend to do the same thing, whether it be another woman who is casting shame on them or them believing the lies that Satan so often tells them. God isn't the one telling you that there's something wrong with you. He wants to meet you right where you are! This book covers a whole lot more on the topic of confidence and faith, etc... and really is a must read for all woman. this isn't just one of those books you should read, its one you must read! She offers us a freedom that God is speaking to us and spells it out for us! Everyone must read this book!!

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