Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Emancipation of Robert Sadler

The Emancipation of Robert Sadler: The Powerful True Story of a Twentieth-Century Plantation Slave, by Robert Sadler, and Marie Chapian. at 5 years old Robert Sadler faced the grief of not only his mother dying, but also his little sister. With barely enough time to grieve their father remarried. It was not into a loving home and Robert and his two little sister found themselves loaded into the back of their fathers cart and sold to a plantation. they were sold into slavery by their own father. Slavery was supposed to be abolished, but when there is refusal to educate a people, how are they supposed to know its illegal? Further more the abuse and facing death which was ignored by authorities was enough to keep them in bondage. We follow his life from growing up on a plantation and all the torture and horrible things that go with that, to finally escaping and finding a job, going to school and becoming a preacher!

 This is an amazing story! Its hard to believe that some one could have gone through all this! I have to warn though that as amazing of a book this is, there are also portions of it that are horrific and very hard to read. Its hard to believe that people could be this cruel and this horrible to another person just because of the colour of their skin! I was glued to this book and the story of Robert Sadler. It was so encouraging to read of all he did in ministry and how God used him in such powerful ways! His ability to trust God after all the years of being a slave that he endured is nothing less than a miracle! I had never heard of Robert Sadler before I read this book, and now I think its a book that everyone should read. Its a story that must be shared!



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