Monday, July 16, 2012

Waiting for Sunrise

Waiting for Sunrise, Cedar Key series #2, by Eva Marie Everson. Patsy if there ever was a rough upbringing she had it. An abusive father, a mother who because of the times stayed. Patsy and her mother did everything thing they could to keep her stepfather Ira happy, if he was happy maybe he wouldn't be abusive! But knowing that she couldn't keep Patsy safe  much longer her mother sends her to live with some Christian friends and their family. Pasty falls for Gilbert, she marries him and then finds herself in the hospital after a breakdown. She finds herself back in Cedar keys to try and reconcile her past and move on! We get to take that adventure with her. This book was ok, its a bit of a downer book as its dealing with a person who obviously struggles with depression and we go through that with her. But its also a book that sheds lights on issues that are still present in the church today! Its a tough read, but its also a good read!

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