Monday, July 16, 2012

The Director's Cut

The Director's cut, back stage pass series #3, by Janice Thompson. Tia, the director on the set of  star's collide, knows how to get things done! Its her job to make sure everything comes together and creates a good show! She has respect on her job, because she's earned it! Her life at home isn't so well "scripted" her parents are on and off again, keeping a job is an ability only she seems to possess and to top it off her parents want her to help her sister find a job. How's she supposed to have the world think her life is so kept together when both worlds are starting to collide? and to top it off she can't seem to charm the camera man, Jason. He has opinions that he seems to need to voice and can be so frustrating to Tia! But how is it that she's finding herself attracted to him? How could she possibly let him in and see how un-kept her life really is?
     This book was pretty good, its not a style of writing that I'm a fan of, I mostly read books that suspenseful and thrillers and this leaned more towards comedy and romance. That said, I still enjoyed reading it! Its well written, this author knows how to capture an audience! I found myself enjoying it despite my dislike for the genre of writing! For that reason I would definitely recommend this book, if you can win someone over to this style of writing then its got to be a good book!!

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