Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene, by Diana Wallis Taylor. It all started when Mary was a child. She was a happy normal little girl, looking forward to what life would bring her! Her father valued her education in a time where a woman's education wasn't valued! She was learning and life was good! Then it all when down hill when she was abducted. Though rescued, something changed that day. She started getting sick, having seizures, migraines frequented her head and then the voices started. Thinking that she would never marry she was ecstatic to find that Nathan her "teacher" loved her just as she loved him. Her parents relieved that Mary would be taken care of were over joyed to say yes to a marriage proposal from Nathan! While the first few years weren't bad, Mary seemed to fall deeper and deeper into despair as the voices took over her. Nathan desperate to find a way for Mary to be healed took her to the high priest with little success. Then one day heard about Jesus. It's rumored that the blind see, the deaf hear and lame are walking again. If Mary ever had any hope of being healed it was with Jesus!
     This is a fantastic book! I loved reading it! Based on the biblical account of Mary Magdalene (although remember it is a fiction book, just based on a biblical character which should no way be confused as the accurate history of Mary Magdalene). It takes us through the struggles and the heart ache and the ultimate freedom we find in Christ! What a joy to read this book! It made my heart happy! A definate must read, its one of those books that just draws you in!

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