Sunday, October 6, 2013

Parenting your powerful child

Parenting your Powerful Child, by Dr. Kevin Leman.  Parenting a child who is a born leader is probably one of the hardest things a parent will come across! But it is also one of the most rewarding!! Kids can try many ways to try and gain the upper hand on their parents, but as parents we need to recognize this is happening and work with our children to raise them into well rounded heathy adults. Not adults with entitlement issues. Dr. Leman's book teaches about the different stratagies that kids use to manipulate parents and he holds parents to a standard that says, you're the parent, act like it! The goal of raising powerful children isn't to break their spirits, thats a horrible idea and one that leads to adults with issues! Rather we want to work with their strengths and empower them, while also parenting them. While it can be very tiring and easier to just give in and go back to the things we've always done, there are so many rewards in seeing it through! I really liked this book. I have a strong willed child, who tests our patience daily, but she's also so rewarding! I think the advice he gives is great and works on building children up rather than tearing them down so they'll listen. I compeltely agree with his focus on giving them chioce and also letting the see the consequenses/rewards of the choices they make. Over all this book gets a great review! Its needed in our society today!

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