Sunday, October 6, 2013


Trapped, by Irene Hannon. Darcy is tired of being bossed around by her older half sister Laura, she barely knows Laura and only came to live with her when her Father died. She knows she's an inconvience on her, but she was the only family she had left. So rather than dealing with this she decides to live on her own and that starts with running away.  With plans to go to Chicago and start over she packs her bags and leaves. Laura shocked to learn that her younger sister has left, hires a PI to find her. Luckly for them a major snow storm hits and they know she couldn't have travelled far. But they also know she's met some pretty sketchy people. So if they want to find her safe and alive they need to hurry. The more that Dev (the PI) investigates this case, the more he realizes that they're dealing with more than just a runaway teen. He also knows that they need to find her fast. 
    Again this is a great novel! The story was great and I loved the characters. I think we could have done without as much on the love connection story line, that was a little over done in my opinion. But it was still enough to keep me wanting to finish this book so I could find out what happend to Darcy! 

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