Friday, October 15, 2010

City on our knees

City on our Knees, by Toby Mac. In his book Toby Mac shares with us stories about people who have done the unimagineable. Regular people like us, who have changed the world. Some times motivated by disease, prejudice etc...We hear story after story of people who dispite only being one person, decided to stand up for something and in the process did more than they could ever imagine! We hear of a little girl with Cancer at 6 years old who raises more money that we could ever imagine possible to fight this disease, all because she wanted to help those who would be in the same position as her. We hear another story of people who refused to discriminated agaist any longer, but who also refused to succumb to bullying and efforts to make them start a violent march. Who ended up changing things for their people by simiply standing up and saying no we're not going to let this happen any longer.
 This book reminds me a lot of the book Jesus freaks that came out years ago, this one though not only includes stories of people who are chrisitians on mission fields, but also of those who are not. This book is a great inspirational book! it really shows us what one person can do to change the world! I really enjoyed this book!

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