Friday, October 15, 2010

YHWH, the flood the fish and the giant

YHWH, The Flood The fish and the giant by G.P. Taylor.  Taylor takes the stories we read in our Bibles (david and goliath, adam and eve, etc...) and retells them in a story like manor that's easily read and a more modern style of writing. He embellishes the stories we all know to present them more fresh that would appeal to a younger generation!
 I did really like this book, I don't think that Taylor took anything too far that it would disagree with scripture, he seemed to follow scripture closely and was very careful not to add to or take away from the Bible. The only thing that I didn't enjoy in this book was the first chapter on Adam and Eve as I felt that he portrayed Eve as a ditz, and the significance of who she is and why she was created wasn't there. Other than that, the rest of the stories I think are fantastic! Definately something thats going to captivate younger readers who are into the twilight/harry potter style! Very well done!!

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