Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Amish love

An Amish Love by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller & Kelly Long, In this novel we hear three authors share Amish love stories.
      Healing Hearts, by Beth Wiseman. Levina's husband left for a time and Levina found herself alone struggling on her own. She never imagined her husband would be gone for so long. She learns to seek God and really rely on Him, her relationship with God blossoms. But then Her husband finally reappears! She must learn all over again to trust him and love him!
     A Marriage of the Heart, by Kelly Long. Abigail misses what life used to be like when her mother was still alive, she hates the lonely feeling of the house she shares with her father. But then a new guy comes around and Abigail thinks she's found a fool proof plan to get out of her misery! She marries this man, never expecting much other than an escape and then finds what true love really is!
     What the Heart Sees, by Kathleen fuller. A horrible accident occurs that leaves Ellie blind, her whole world seems to go out of Control, so much has been taken away from her! Ellie has resigned herself to believe she'll never love again and that no one will ever love her. That is until  love reappears!
      I can't even begin to explain how much I love Amish stories. I get my hands on every copy I can find. Beth Wiseman is one of my favorite authors in the genre! I was so excited to get the opportunity to read this book! Not only that but Both Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Long also are extreamly talented writers of this genre!! This is a book I'll love and read over and over again! It is gift worthy to your book lover out there, I guaruntee that you will love this book if you read it!!

 I recieved this book in exchange for an honest review from Thomas Nelson.

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