Wednesday, December 1, 2010

While we're far apart

While we're far apart, by Lynn Austin. Penny is a shy, homely woman. Living in a home with her parents who are afraid of life. Who refuse to let Penny live one of her own, they fear trouble and danger around ever corner. Penny has always loved Eddie, their next door neighbor's son. After Eddie's wife passes away, he's left with two young children and trouble dealing with the grief of loosing his wife. He decides to join the military as an escape to it all. Except that he has no one to care for his children after learning that his mother will not allow them to live with her. Penny comes to the rescure (much to anger of Eddie's daughter) and offers to live with the kids in their apartment while Eddie is away at war. All a part of Penny's plan to win Eddie's heart. Penny all the sudden is faced with caring for children (something she's never done), as well as caring for Eddie's home and dealing with all the problems that young ladies and ecspecially angry young ladies face! Also facing fears installed in her from her parents about the people around her and in her building. Penny finds freedom, truth, and see's secrets exposed!
 This is an excellent book. Not only do we get to see things through Penny's eyes as she's trying to raise two children who are strangers to her, but we also get to see through the eyes of their Jewish neighbor who has a son who is in the concentration camps during the holocaust. The author does a great job of giving us a sense of the time and the struggles faced by those of that time as well! A much loved novel.

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