Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Unlocked, by Karen Kingsbury. Holden Harris is locked in a world of autism. His mom, Tracy, doesn't get to communicate with her son, he is non verbal. She also hasn't hugged her son in years as touch is too much for him and upsets him. She feels like her son was kidnapped at three years old and replaced with this shell that looks like him, but he's not there anymore. Ellie is looking for more from life, than the life her parents have created. Her mom tries to hard to impress her husband and the rest of the world. Her dad only seems to concentrait on baseball and training. Which leaves Ellies home a very lonely place. When Ellie see's harris at school, she's drawn to his eyes, the familiar look he gives her. Through this meeting with Ellie we see harris do more than he's ever done before and now has restored hope to his parents that their son is indeed not lost, God knows exactly where he is and what is going on in his mind.
 I adored this book. It was seriously fantastic! Not at all a romance story, but a great story on the miracles of God and how He uses people to bring his miracles to others! I couldn't put this book down, it was done with in two days of starting it! I really loved this novel! A must read for Karen Kingsbury fans!

Recieved this book for free from Zondervan in exchange for an honest review

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