Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index

Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index. I recieved this book today in the mail. I already love it! Its a fantastic resourse for any Pastor, ministry leader, etc... It is extreamly easy to use and covers a wide range of subjects! For example if you want to look up woman in the bible you just turn to the "W" section and and find woman and it lists all the women mentioned in the bible and where to find them! Not only that, but there are also word study's that give you the original greek/hebrew, what the word used translates too and the verses that its used in. They've taken a concordance, a topical Bible and a Bible dictionary and turned it into one book! One awesome book! I will be keeping this book close to my Bible. It is a great resourse that should line every's bookshelf! I will definately be recommending this to all the people I know in the ministry!

I recieved this book free of charge by Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review of the book.

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