Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Narnia code

     The Narnia Code, by Michael Ward. In this book Michael Ward takes us through C.S. Lewis's life and how it all makes sense in how he wrote the chronicles of Narnia. His facination with the planets, his favorite poems and stories,  and the history of all those and how they relate to Christianity have all shaped his works. We learn a great deal of C. S. Lewis's life and his passions! All of this explains (according to Ward) his purposes and reasons for including all that he did in his narnia works. Lewis was very purposeful in every character he included in those stories.
      I really really enjoyed the first part of this book! I did learn a great deal of history about Lewis and how captivating of a person and author he was! I learned things I'd never known before, espeically about the planets and their relation to the days and beliefs that went with them. If only the book had just ended there or talked just about that stuff it would be so good! Unfortunately it comes off very conspiracy theoryish when he starts thinking he knows exactly why Lewis included the characters he did and that the books are based off of the 7 planets that they felt had influence. Why pick apart a great collection of stories like that? I really didn't enjoy the last half of the book. If you want to learn more about lewis then its a good read, but it goes down hill when it gets to the conspiracy part of it. Its still worth a read but the ending isn't as exciting and captivating as the begining. Ward is a talented writer, so its well written. I just am not a fan of last part of the book!

I recieved this book from tyndale in exchange for an honest review of it!

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