Thursday, May 5, 2011

When Life's not working

When Life's not Working, by Bob Merrit. Bob Merrit is a pastor of a large church who has compiled his years of experience along side studies to write this book about life! Life's not easy for most anyone, but do we make our lives un-necessarily hard? Bob Merrit gives us steps to do well in our lives and not have to constantly have the "hard" times come. He's not saying that we'll always have good things happen to us, obviously we will face hard times as we live in a fallen world. Just that times don't necessarily have to be as hard on us, we can get through them better than we have been! and then just maybe they won't come nearly as often!!! He lists 7 important principles (for lack of a better word lol). 1. Don't quit. 2. Do a few Things well. 3. Be prepared. 4. Increase your consistency. 5. Use small tugs. 6. Stretch yourself. 7. Practice Self-control.
  Overall this really was an excellent book, I have a feeling I'll be referring back to it time and time again! He has great points and teaches in an easily understood way. I'll not only be using this book myself, but it will be one of those books that you lend out to friends!!!

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