Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lady in the Mist

Lady in the Mist, by Laurie Alice Eakes. The woman in Tabitha Eckles family have been midwives for generations, and Tabitha is no exception. She finds herself alone after her family all passes away. Leaving her with only her servants, that she considers her family. Tabitha blames God for not answering her prayers and for not bringing her fiance back after he took off before the wedding and got snatched by the English who forced him to fight in their war.
  Dominick is in America with some secrets of his own, passing notes to english ships and constantly out on the beach after curfew, where the men of the town of been stolen by the british ships.
  Then suddenly Tabitha's fiance returns, but carrying secrets of his own. Why did they let him go? Tabitha finds herself falling for the British servant, but unsure if she can even trust him. Then with her former fiance thrown into the picture who's trying to win her back, makes for an interesting life for Tabitha!
  This book was really good, I quite enjoyed it! There were some parts I found a little corny, such as Tabitha's constant declaration that she was a healer and could not hurt another creature. But other than that it really was a good read. It kept me captivated till the end of the book! I do recommend this book to others to read, its historically interesting as well as just a really good read!

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