Monday, May 30, 2011


Momsense, a common-sense guide to confident mothering, by Jean Blackmer. What I appreciate most about this book is the acknowledgement by Jean Blackmer, that there is no one perfect parenting (mothering) style. We are all created differently and created with different mothering techniques that work with our personalities. So we don't need to feel shame or despair that we're not a parent like so and so, because God didn't create you to be a parent like any other. He created you to be the parent that's perfect for your child! We have the skills already in us to parent our kids and parent them well, sometimes though we just need a little push or encouragement, which is what this book does! I strongly dislike almost all parenting books, as most will tell you this is the proper way to raise a child and if you're not doing it this way then you're doing something wrong. This book is not like that. Moms have it hard enough in this world today with out being beat down by other moms who want to have mommy wars. This book is filled with advice on whats worked for other moms (no necessarily meaning that it'll work for you, but might be a tool that could come in handy) as well as stories from other moms! This is an excellent book and a great resource for all mothers out there!

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