Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Watcher

 The Watcher, by Sara Davison. Sara Davison shares with us the events in this fictional novel of Kathryn Ellison's life. we sit along side Kathryn in this novel and share in her life, the love, the loss the danger and the personal turmoil. Kathyrn would just like to put her past behind her and never dig it up again, but when Nick comes back into her life 20 years later, she's faced with her past again. Kathryn and David Henley are also faced with fear again when Kevin Dylan escapes from prison to finish off what he started. We sit with Kathryn and look through her old shoe box containing the memories of her past, while she is unaware that she is being watched...
  I have to be honest with this book, it was a hard one to get through. The story line was good and the idea behind the story was great. But it was so hard to sit through and read. I just did not find this book very captivating. It could just be me and just not appreciating this style of writing, but I really had a rough time getting through it. so for that reason I say borrow the book from the library or friend, you may find you'd enjoy it. But for me personally I did not.

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