Monday, May 30, 2011


Leaving, by Karen Kingsbury. Baily, a talented young actress, has a dream to be on broadway. Having already appeared in a movie (unlocked, also a book by karen Kingsbury and an awesome book at that), she has the advantage of expereince and true talent. She also has the opportunity to ignite a relationship with her co-star from Unlocked. But Baily's not sure she's ready for the life that would come being in a relationship with a celebrity. On top of that she's still not sure on her feelings anymore for Cody. Who decided that Baily deserved more than some one like him, who had a past such as he did, so left and denied all contact with Baily and her family who loved him so much! So we follow Baily as she travels for her audition, falls in love, and reconciles her past to the best point she can.
  This is only my second book that I've read by Karen Kingsbury, but just as the last one, this one is amazing! Its hard not to fall in love with all the characters and the way that Karen includes a deep faith and faith filled lessons in her books! I got through this book in one day because I couldn't put it down! Awesome book!

 Book was provided in exchange for an honest review from zondervan

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