Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rejoice (CD)

Rejoice, woman of faith worship cd, by the woman of faith worship band. I just recieved this CD in the mail yesterday and stuck it in the cd player right away! There were a few songs that I recognized and was able to sing along with, but most were new to me! I love a good worship CD that I can stick in the car and listen to for hours, but unfortunately I can't say this would be one of those CD's. Part of the reason I didn't enjoy it was because I love the live worship CD's and this was obviously not. But the other promblem was that I found that who ever did the mixing for this album didn't do a great job. The vocals were fantastic and they did awsome, but it was very obvious that a midi machine was used for mixing and really took away from the songs. That style of mixing always reminds me of the 80's/90's music, which isn't what you're looking for in a CD for 2011! While I'm sure there will be many that do enjoy this CD, I am not one of them!

Cd was recieved from Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review

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